1.Hydra magnipapillata TRP-N proteins.

Zip archive containing information (genbank-format) about the four Hydra TRPN paralogs.

2. Manually curated TRP-N protein models. 

Fasta file with manually curated TRP-N protein model dataset.  

3. Custom Hidden Markov Models.

HMMER3-formatted file containing custom Hidden Markov Models for TRP-A, TRP-C, TRP-N,  TRP-M, TRP-ML and TRP-V channel domains. Further included are the Pfam (version 27.0) "PKD_channel", "Ion_trans" and "Ank" models. 

4. All TRP proteins for selected genomes.

Fasta file containing the TRP proteins that have been identified in the genomes of the species shown in figure 2, using our custom TRP-HMMs.