Sonja New Name: Grath, Sonja

Status: Postdoc


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Sonja Grath at the University of Munich (LMU)

Curriculum vitae:  

July 2010 to June 2012

Westfalian Wilhelms University (WWU), Germany
Postdoctoral fellow, Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity, Evolutionary Bioinformatics Group, Prof. Dr. Erich Bornberg-Bauer

February 2007 to June 2010

  • University of Munich (LMU), Germany
    PhD (Dr. rer. nat.)
  • Dissertation: Molecular Evolution of Sex-Biased Genes in Drosophila ananassae [pdf]
    (Supervision: Prof. Dr. John Parsch)

March 2005 to December 2006

  • Munich Technical University (TU) and University of Munich (LMU), Germany
    Master degree Bioinformatics
  • Master’s Thesis: Comparison of distance- and kernel-based methods for structured data
    (Supervision: Prof. Dr. Stefan Kramer, TU)

October 2001 to March 2005

  • Munich Technical University (TU) and University of Munich (LMU), Germany
    Bachelor degree Bioinformatics
  • Bachelor’s Thesis: Influence of fusogene peptides on fusion of liposome-membranes
    (in German, Supervision: Prof. Dr. Dieter Langosch/Dr. Markus Gütlich, TU)

October 1999 to October 2001

Munich Technical University (TU), Germany
Studies of Computer Science

Research Interests  

  • Expression and transcriptomics
  • Next generation sequencing
  • Molecular evolution of sex-biased genes
  • Population genetics
  • Protein domain evolution

 Attended conferences / workshops  


Journal Publications

  1. Terrapon N*, Weiner J*, Grath S, Moore AD and Bornberg-Bauer E
    Rapid similarity search of proteins using alignments of domain arrangements.
    *these authors contributed equally to this work.
    Bioinformatics, 30, 274-281, 2014
    [Online access]
  2. Moore, AD., S. Grath, A. Schüler, A. K. Huylmans, and E. Bornberg-Bauer
    Quantification and functional analysis of modular protein evolution in a dense phylogenetic tree.
    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Proteins and Proteomics 1834, (5): 898–907, 2013
    [Online access]
  3. Niehuis, O.*, G. Hartig*, S. Grath*, H. Pohl, J. Lehmann, H. Tafer, A. Donath, V. Krauss, C. Eisenhardt, J. Hertel, M. Petersen, C. Mayer, K. Meusemann, R. S. Peters, P. F. Stadler, R. G. Beutel, E. Bornberg-Bauer, D. D. McKenna, and B. Misof (2012):
    Genomic and morphological evidence converge to resolve the enigma of Strepsiptera.
    *these authors contributed equally to this work.
    Curr Biol, 22(14):1309-13. 
  4. Grath, S. and J. Parsch (2012):
    Rate of amino acid substitution is influenced by the degree and conservation of male-biased transcription over 50 million years of Drosophila evolution.
    Genome Biol Evol. 4(3):346-359.
  5. Kersting, A., E. Bornberg-Bauer, A. D. Moore*, and S. Grath* (2012):
    Dynamics and adaptive benefits of protein domain emergence and arrangements during plant genome evolution.
    *corresponding authors 
    Genome Biol Evol. 4(3):316-329.
  6. Müller, L., S. Grath, K. v. Heckel, and J. Parsch (2012):
    Inter- and intra-specific variation in Drosophila genes with sex-biased expression.
    Int J Evol Biol. 2012:963976.
  7. Grath, S., J. F. Baines, and J. Parsch (2009):
    Molecular evolution of sex-biased genes in the Drosophila ananassae subgroup.
    BMC Evol Biol. 9:291.
  8. Schug, M. D., J. F. Baines, A. Killon-Atwood, S. Mohanty, A. Das, S. Grath, S. G. Smith, S. Zargham, S. F. McEvey, and W. Stephan (2008):
    Evolution of mating isolation between populations of Drosophila ananassae.
    Mol Ecol. 17(11):2706-2721.

Conference Proceedings

Terrapon N., S. Grath, J. Weiner, A. D. Moore and E. Bornberg-Bauer (2012):
Fast Homology Search Using Domain-Architecture Alignment.
Journées Ouvertes en Biologie, Informatique et Mathématiques (JOBIM), Rennes, July 3-6.