Andrew Name: Moore, Andrew

Status: Postdoc


Tel.: +49-(0)251-83-



  • October 2011- January 2013: Postdoctoral fellow
  • 2007 - 2011: Ph.D Student, Evolutionary Bioinformatics
  • 2006 - 2007: Diplom (equiv. MSc) in the group of Evolutionary Bioinformatics, IEB
  • 2004: Visiting student, Faculty of Science, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
    2001-2005: Studies in Biology and Computer Science, WWU Muenster

WWU final year scholarship for outstanding young researchers

  • Bioinformatics I (WS 08/09, WS 09/10, WS 10/11)
  • Advanced Programming for Bioinformatics (SS 09)
  • Supervision support of students at BSc and MSc level (07/08/09)
Research Interests
  • Modularity of protein evolution The linear order of domains that makes up a protein is referred to as a domain arrangement or a domain architecture. The analysis of protein domain arrangements across species indicates that functional novelty is achieved by the recombination of existing domains, as opposed to the invention of new domains, coining the concept of modular protein evolution. We study the evolution of proteomes by quantifying the nature and rates of modular re-arrangement events and the functional impact these events have.
  • Development of domain-centric tools for protein anaylsis
Tools / Software
  • DoMosaics: A powerful Java program for domain-based analysis and visualization of proteins
  • xdomsuite: a Ruby API for domain data
  • RTree: a Ruby API for tree traversal
  • RadScan: a Java-based cli-utility for conducting architecture-based similarity searches
  • GoZapper: A program for visualization of Gene ontology associations
  • PfamScanner: a Java-based cli-utility for running HMMSCAN. Includes post-processing options (e.g. overlap resolution, merge split hits, collapse repeats). Returns xdom format.
  1. A. D. Moore, A. Held, N. Terrapon, J. Weiner, and E. Bornberg-Bauer
    DoMosaics: Software for domain arrangement visualization and domain-centric analysis of proteins.
    Bioinformatics, 2014 Jan 15;30(2):282-3. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btt640. Epub 2013 Nov 12., 2014
    [Online access]
  2. N. Terrapon*, J. Weiner*, S. Grath A. D. Moore, and E. Bornberg-Bauer
    Rapid similarity search of proteins using alignments of domain arrangements
    Bioinformatics, 30, 274-281, 2014
    [Online access]
  3. A. D. Moore, S. Grath, A. Schüler, A. K. Huylmans, and E. Bornberg-Bauer
    Quantification and Functional Analysis of Modular Protein Evolution in a Dense Phylogenetic Tree
    Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Proteins and Proteomics 1834, (5): 898–907, 2013
    [Online access]
  4. Journal articles
    A.R. Kersting, E. Bornberg-Bauser, A. D. Moore*, and S. Grath*
    Dynamics and adaptive bene fits of protein domain emergence and arrangements during plant genome evolution
    * corresponding authors
    Genome Biol Evol, in press, 2012
  5. A. D. Moore and E. Bornberg-Bauer
    The Dynamics and Evolutionary Potential of Domain Loss and Emergence
    Molecular Biology and Evolution 29(2): 787-796, 2012
  6. The Nasonia Genome Working Group
    Functional and evolutionary insights from the genomes of three parasitoid Nasonia species
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  7. L. Wissler; E. Dattolo; A. D. Moore; T. B. H. Reusch; J. L. Olsen; M. Migliaccio; E. Bornberg-Bauer; G. Procaccini
    Dr. Zompo: an online data repository for Zostera marina and Posidonia oceanica ESTs
    Database 2009; doi: 10.1093/database/bap009, 2009
  8. A. D. Moore*, A. K Bjoerklund*, D. Ekman, E. Bornberg-Bauer and A. Elofsson
    Arrangements in the Modular Evolution of Proteins
    * these authors contributed equally to this work
    Trends in Biochemical Sciences, 33(09): 444-51, 2008
  9. J. Weiner 3rd, A. D. Moore, E. Bornberg-Bauer
    Just how versatile are domains?
    BMC Evolutionary Biology, 8:285, 2008

Book chapters

  1. A. D. Moore and E. Bornberg-Bauer
    Protein domains as evolutionary units
    in: Evolutionary Genomics and Systems Biology, Ed. G. Caetano-Anollés (2010)
    John Wiley & Sons
  2. Conference proceedings / published abstracts
    A. D. Moore and E. Bornberg-Bauer
    Footprints of modular evolution in a dense taxonomic clade
    GCB 2012 Highlight Abstracts, Jena (Germany), 2012
  3. N. Terrapon, S. Grath, J. Weiner, A. D. Moore, and E. Bornberg-Bauer
    Fast Homology Search Using Domain-Architecture Alignment. Journées Ouvertes en Biologie, Informatique et Mathématiques (JOBIM), Rennes (France), 2012
Attended conferences & workshops; conference contributions
  • German Conference on Bioinformatics
    highlight paper selected as oral presentation
    Jena (Germany), September 19-22, 2012
  • 5th Annual Genomics Symposium
    poster abstract selected as oral presentation; presented by Sonja Grath
    Kansas City (USA), June 9-12, 2011
  • Interdisciplinary Graduate Students Symposium evolution across fields
    Münster (GER), February 17-18, 2011
  • 3rd Annual Arthropod Genomics Symposium
    Kansas City (USA), June 11-14, 2009
    Modular Evolution
  • Cologne Spring Meeting 2009: The variable genome
    Cologne (GER), Mar 18-20, 2009
    Sponsored by: SFB680, Fritz-Thyssen-Stiftung, Fonds der Chemischen Industrie, and others
  • Evolution across scales
    Potsdam (GER), May 26-28, 2008
    Sponsered by The Volkswagen Foundation
  • Advanced Protein Domain Analysis Training Workshop
    Lyon (FRA), May 18-20, 2008
    Sponsered by Embrace
  • SMBE 2007
    Halifax (CDN), June 24-28, 2007