Anna Name: Kersting (née Reineke), Anna

Status: Ph.D student


Tel.: +49-(0)251-83-



  • 2012: October: PhD graduation
  • 2012: two month as visiting scientist at the University of Preorita (South Africa)
  • 2008 - 2012: PhD student in the group of Evolutionary Bioinformatics, IEB
  • 2007: Visiting student with practical study for the diploma thesis at the College of natural ressources, Utah State University, Logan, UT (USA)
  • 2006: internship at the zoological garden in Guadalajara (Mexico)
  • 2004: internship at the enviromental agency in Minden (Germany)
  • 2004: internship at the zoological garden Osnabrück (Germany)
  • 2002-2007: Diploma study, Bielefeld University
  • 2002: language school in Salamanca (Spain)
  • 2002: graduating at the Gymnasium Johanneum in Wadersloh (Germany)

Research interest

  • Evolution of conserved motifs in the upstream region of stress genes in plants
  • Annotation of plant proteins
  • Evolution of upstream region

Attended conferences / workshops

  • Bernhard Rensch Summer School 2008, University of Münster (Germany) June 30-July 11, 2008
  • The Phycomitrella Genome Workshop 2009, University of Freiburg, (Germany) June 1-3, 2009
  • Conference on Stress and Evolution 2010, University of Münster (Germany) July 14-16, 2010
  • 9thEuropean Conference on Computational Biology 2010, Ghent (Belgium) September 26-29, 2010
  • Interdisciplinary Graduate Students' Symposium evolution across fields,University of Münster (Germany) February 17-18, 2011
  • Plant Genome Evolution Conference, Amsterdam (Netherlands) September 03-06, 2011


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