Jonathan Schmitz Name: Schmitz Jonathan

Status: Ph.D student

Email: jonathan.schmitz[a]

Tel.: +49-(0)251-83-21636

Room: 100.22


  • 2012 - 2014: Master of Science in Biology, Münster
    Thesis: Transcription Factor Network Evolution
  • 2013 July-October: Research project with Prof. Kenneth H Wolfe at UCD
  • 2009 - 2012: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Münster
    Thesis: The Automatic Annotation of Hox Genes in Completely Sequenced Arthropods
Research Interests:
  • Evolutionary Mechanisms
  • Evolution of new genes
  • Transcription factor evolution


  • Jonathan F Schmitz, Frédéric J. J. Chain, Erich Bornberg-Bauer
    Evolution of novel genes in three-spined stickleback populations
    Heredity, 2020
  • Brennen Heames, Jonathan F Schmitz, Erich Bornberg-Bauer
    A continuum of evolving de novo genes drives protein-coding novelty in Drosophila
    Journal of Molecular Evolution, 2020
  • Jonathan F Schmitz, Kristian K Ulrich, and Erich Bornberg-Bauer
    Incipient de novo genes can evolve from frozen accidents that escaped rapid transcript turnover
    Nature Ecology and Evolution, 2018
  • Jonathan F Schmitz and Erich Bornberg-Bauer
    Fact or fiction: updates on how protein-coding genes might emerge de novo from previously non-coding DNA
    F1000 Research, 2017
  • Anna M Gubala, Jonathan F Schmitz, Michael J Kearns, Tery T Vinh, Erich Bornberg-Bauer, Mariana F Wolfner, Geoffrey D Findlay
    The goddard and saturn genes are essential for Drosophila male fertility and may have arisen de novo
    Molecular Biology of Evolution, 2017
  • Jonathan F Schmitz, Fabian Zimmer, and Erich Bornberg-Bauer
    Mechanisms of transcription factor evolution in Metazoa
    Nucleic Acid Research, 2016
  • Erich Bornberg-Bauer, Jonathan F Schmitz and Magdalena Heberlein
    Emergence of de novo proteins from "dark genomic matter" by "grow slow and moult"
    Biochem J, 2015