David Small Name: Vernazobres, David

Status: Ph.D student


Tel.: +49-(0)251-83-



  • Licence (eq. Degree) in Computer Science, University of Paris 6, France.
  • DEA (eq. Master's Degree) in Molecular Biophysics, University of Paris 6, France.
  • Diploma (eq. Master's Degree) in Biochemistry, University of Paris 6, France
  • Diploma (eq. Degree) in Biochemistry, University of Paris 6, France

Current Teaching:

  • Bioinformatics 1 : Simulations
  • Bioinformatics 2 : Sequence analysis
  • S-Kurs : Student project

Research areas:

  • I am working on my PhD thesis on the following topics : Principles of molecular evolution :
    • Use of simple model for studing the molecular evolution.
      • This works consist of using simplified biophysical models of biopolymers. There are two parts : the molecular evolution of protein with the used of lattice proteins and also the molecular evolution of RNA with the RNA secondary structure model.


  • Chen T, Vernazobres D, Yomo T, Bornberg-Bauer E and Chan HS
    Evolvability and Single-Genotype Fluctuation in Phenotypic Properties: A Simple Heteropolymer Model
    Biophysical Journal, 2010
  • Whitehead D, Wilke C, Vernazobres D, Bornberg-Bauer E
    The look-ahead effect of phenotypic mutations
    Biology Direct, 2008

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