Kemena C, Bitard-Feildel T and Bornberg-Bauer E
MDAT- Aligning multiple domain arrangements
BMC Bioinformatics, 2015

[Online Access]


Background: Proteins are composed of domains, protein segments that fold independently from the rest of
the protein and have a specific function. During evolution the arrangement of domains can change: domains
are gained, lost or their order is rearranged. To facilitate the analysis of these changes we propose the use of
multiple domain alignments.
Results: We developed a multiple domain alignment program, called MDAT, which aligns multiple domain
arrangements. MDAT extends earlier programs which perform pairwise alignments of domain arrangements.
MDAT uses a domain similarity matrix to score domain pairs and aligns the domain arrangements using a
consistency supported progressive alignment method.
Conclusion: MDAT will be useful for analysing changes in domain arrangements within and between protein
families and will thus provide valuable insights into the evolution of proteins and their domains. MDAT is coded
in C++, and the source code is freely available for download at