Dohmen E, Kremer LPM, Bornberg-Bauer E and Kemena C
DOGMA: Domain-based transcriptome and proteome quality assessment
Bioinformatics, 2016

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Motivation: Genome studies have become cheaper and easier than ever before, due to the decreased cost for high-throughput sequencing and the free availability of analysis software. However, the quality of genome or transcriptome assemblies can vary a lot. Therefore, quality assessment of assemblies and annotations are crucial aspects of genome analysis pipelines.
Results: We developed DOGMA, a program for fast and easy quality assessment of transcriptome and proteome data based on conserved protein domains. DOGMA measures the completeness of a given transcriptome or proteome and provides information about domain content for further analysis. DOGMA provides a very fast way to do quality assessment within seconds.
Availability and implementation: DOGMA is implemented in Python and published under GNU GPL v.3 license. The source code is available on