Erich Bornberg-Bauer, Mark C Harrison, Evelien Jongepier
The first cockroach genome and its significance for understanding development and the evolution of insect eusociality
J Exp Zool B, 2018


The recent publication of the first cockroach genome, Blattella germanica, and the third termite
genome offers enormous potential for studying the evolution of hemimetabolous insect eusociality. In
this special issue these data resources are investigated to offer further insights into several aspects
of cockroach biology. These include specific adaptations in the cockroach genome which helped this
global pest to spread and several aspects related to ageing in termites. Taken together, the data allow
for a comparison with related studies in other social insects and thus delineate which evolutionary
trajectories leading to eusociality are similar and which are different.