Kemena C, Dohmen E, Bornberg-Bauer E
DOGMA: A web server for proteome and transcriptome quality assessment
Nucleic Acids Res., 2019

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Even in the era of next generation sequencing, in which bioinformatics tools abound, annotating transcriptomes and proteomes remains a challenge. This can have major implications for the reliability of studies based on these data sets. Quality assessment therefore represents a crucial step prior to downstream analyses on novel transcriptomes and proteomes.

DOGMA allows such a quality assessment to be carried out.
The data of interest are evaluated based on a comparison with a core set of conserved protein domains and domain arrangements.
Depending on the studied species, DOGMA offers precomputed core sets for different phylogenetic clades. Furthermore, on the web server the calculated quality score is compared to a set of species from the same clade and represented graphically.

Here we present the DOGMA web server, that offers a user-friendly, simple to use interface for DOGMA. Additionally, the server provides a graphical representation of the analysis results and their placement in comparison to public available data.

The server is freely available under Additionally, for large scale analyses the software can be downloaded free of charge from