The group seminar series runs throughout the year. It is a mixture of talks given by group members ("progress reports"), journal clubs, external speakers and other activities. Students who do their projects or BSc, MSc or Diploma thesis are expected to attend relevant seminars (for information about scheduled talks you should check the Seminar series timetable. Diploma and MSc students should also make sure they are on the appropriate mailing list). In addition, the institute holds a weekly seminar series, some of which are suitable for bioinformatics 5 students (see IEB seminar series page). Students on an advanced module ("Vertiefungsmodul") or on an MSc module ("Fortgeschrittenen Modul") will need to give a presentation and attend relevant seminars during the module (these can be both from the group and IEB seminar series; suitable seminars are marked with an asterisk), at least 10 over two successive semesters. The presentation will take place as part of the group seminar series. Please let a member of the group know when attending an IEB seminar as it is difficult to monitor attendance at these lectures. Attendance IS recorded and it is YOUR responsibility to make sure yours is noted at each seminar you attend - no record means no credit!

Students will also have to prepare a review-style essay on the same topic as their presentation, which is generally (i.e. unless indicated else wise) due two weeks after the date of the presentation (DEADLINE: Tue 12:00h, 2 weeks after giving the presentation). Please hand in an electronic copy ( and two printed copies (secretariat, Huefferstr. 1, room 112, first floor). The marking criteria for the talk emphasises presentation skills and students should try to convey a clear and succinct message ("less is more"). Naturally, there should be a strong overlap in contents between essay and talk, but of course the focus can be shifted.

Students should contact their supervisor several times. First, after the initial literature research and before the talk is planned out and, if necessary, a second time to discuss the finished presentation. The same holds for the essay: students should contact their supervisor at least once to discuss possible shortcomings of the write up, so no later than a week (better two weeks) before handing in. Students should read other reviews (for example here) to get a clear idea about how to structure an essay, when to reference and how to bring in something useful for a potential reader.
Corresponding rules apply for students who do their projects ("S-kurs", projects within their advanced module ("Vertiefungsmodul")). They should reserve a date for their presentation (20 mins by default) upon filling in the milestones sheet with their supervisor. Deadline is the deadline of the module or the hand-in date as agree on the milestones sheet.

For further advices on how to write and present and for examples please refer to the general main page.