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PhD curriculum

Career development plan

This form deals with how your PhD can help you develop the rest of your (scientific) career and involves planning of both your long term career goals as well as your short term scientific goals (i.e. your PhD project). This form has to be filled-in during two meetings specifically dealing with career development which you will have with Prof. Bornberg-Bauer and your direct supervisor (if applicable). The first meeting should be at the start of your PhD, i.e. within 2 months from your start date and involves mainly planning. The second meeting is to be held around the start of your third and final year and is meant for both planning and evaluation. Instructions on how to complete the form are included with the file. As this form is to be filled-in in stages you should keep printed and signed updated copies of each stage with your PhD supervisory records. The empty form and an example of a completed 'start' plan can be found below.

Career development plan - Empty form

Example filled-in Career development plan - Start meeting