General Information on Open Positions

Unless further specified, the specific subjects of research projects are flexible and can be tailored to the background, visions and incitement of applicants but must fall under the wider remit of our research areas which are:

    • Major evolutionary transitions of genomes (such as de novo genes) and their impact on the development of complexity
    • Evolutionary and functional genomics of (mostly social) insects
    • Modular evolution of genes by domain (Re-)arrangements
    • Evolvability and robustness, the role of pleiotropic and epistatic interactions for changes in the genotype-phenotye relationship

Aplications of self-funded postdocs and PhD students to work on protein and genome evolution, either experimentally or computationally, are always welcome (see Post-doc Positions , PhD positions )

Student helpers / researchers (" Studentische / Wisenschaftliche Hilfskraft") may be hired to help install and maintain computer infrastructure, web resources and establish and refine teaching materials and databases in the group and for research projects such as Genome Evolution and Protein Evolution. Commencing date is any time within the year, contracts can be issued to the needs of the applicants with flexible working times ranging from 7 hrs (complies with the 450 EUR threshold) to 19 hrs per week.