Bachelor of Science

We offer multiple courses during bachelor studies, including supervising a bachelor thesis. Besides supervising biology students (BSc “Biowissenschaften”), cooperations with other departments are possible. For general instructions on scientific report writing and presenting, please always go through our “General Resources” section.

We are offering the following modules from the BSc “Biowissenschaften” study program:

  • Tutorial (Sem 1+2):
    • further information: [instructions for students] [Subjects] [Organisation]):
    • first meeting will be announced soon

  • Bioinformatics II (Sem 4):
    • Evolutionary sequence analysis of proteins and RNA
    • part of “Aufbau-Modul Genetik, Zellbiologie, Physiologie (ZPG)” (every summer semester)
    • further information and course material: [Learnweb]

  • Vertiefungsmodul: Evolutionary Protein Design (Sem 5)
    • planned for January 2022

  • Project Module and Bachelor thesis (Sem 6):
    • Bioinformatics and Molecular Evolution
    • BSc projects are always available or can be arranged for all four project areas and tailored to applicant's suggestions and conceptions projects
    • both web lab and bioinformatics possible
    • internal information (supervisors): Internal