Master of Science & Master of Education

We offer multiple courses during master studies, including supervising a master thesis. Besides supervising biology students
(MSc “Biowissenschaften”, MSc “Biotechnologie”, MSc “Molekulare Biomedizin” and MEd “Biologie”), cooperations with other departments are possible.
For general instructions on scientific report writing and presenting, please always go through our “General Resources” section.

We are offering the following modules:

Fortgeschrittenenmodule (FGM) – 4 weeks

  • Biocomputing I: Python for Beginners
    • course runs during February (Block IV) every winter semester
    • also known as Bioinformatics III
    • further information: [instructions for students]
    • contact person: Mark Harrison
    • date and time for induction (Vorbesprechung) will be posted here
    • internal information (supervisors): [internal]
  • Biocomputing II: Python for Advanced
    • for detailed information see Biocomputing I
  • Evolutionary Protein Engineering
    • course runs during Block II every summer semester in the S1 student labs at Schloßplatz 4 (SP4)
    • further information: [instructions for students]
    • contact person: Bharat Ravi
    • internal information (supervisors): [internal]
  • Computational analysis of transcriptomes and proteomes

Forschungsmodule (FM)

  • General information:
    • Forschungsmodule (research modules) can be arranged any time upon mutual agreement
    • find available projects here
    • internal information (supervisors): [internal]
    • Instructions for Research Module (Forschungsmodul) applicants
    • Instructions for students requesting supervision of an external module
  • Evolutionary Genomics
  • Evolutionary Biotechnology and Biochemistry
  • Biological Data Analysis

Master thesis

  • MSc/MEd thesis projects are always available or can be arranged for all four project areas and tailored to applicant’s suggestions and conceptions. Open project ideas can be found here.
  • both wet lab and bioinformatics possible


  •  Biocomputing III
    • for students from other faculties
    • for details see Biocomputing I
  • Bioinformatics V
      • For students from other faculties
      • Students must attend 10 IEB/EBB group seminars
      • Certificate for attendance would be provided
      • Contact person Bharat Ravi
  • Projektleitungsmodul

PhD Teaching

Internal link for Curriculum, Career Development and forms