Theses are available at Institute of Evolution and Biodiversity, University of Muenster at the end of every semester to start at the following semester, for subjects listed and with financial support being possible (see below for student helpers/researchers), depending on qualifications, tasks etc. International and national collaborations are often endorsed. Students are invited to inquire any time at the office e.g. by email to or call ext. 21638.

Student helpers / researchers (" Studentische / Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft") may be hired to help install and maintain computer infrastructure, web resources and establish and refine teaching materials and databases in the group and for research projects such as Genome Evolution and Protein Evolution. Commencing date is any time within the year, contracts can be issued to the needs of the applicants with flexible working times ranging from 7 hrs (complies with the 520 EUR threshold) to 19 hrs per week.